Rat Race
Rat Race

The 6th Warsaw charity run “Rat Race”  24h May  2014!!!

The campaign „Global Ageing“
The campaign „Global Ageing“

The goal of the campaign “Global Ageing” of HelpAge Germany and its European partner organizations

Sue Ryder
Sue Ryder

Sue Ryder, British charity worker and philantropist. As a tribute to World War II victims, she established an International Foundation. Baroness Lady Ryder of Warsaw was a member of the House of Lords. She was a great friend of Poland and Poles.

Our mission

Our mission started by Sue Ryder, a great friend of Poland, is to help those who are suffering.

  • providing essential facilities to improve living conditions of the elderly, socially disadvantaged and terminally ill residents of the Sue Ryder Homes,
  • activating mostly young people, who have been paralysed in accidents – „the First Step Programme,
  • participating in international aid programmes,
  • co-operating within the Sue Ryder International.
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actually this is the only e-mail address of the foundation

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6th Charity Run Rat Race

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Before the run meeting with the inhabitants of Helenów

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time measuring

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The Border Guards with their jobs atribute

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6th Rat Race


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The Sue Ryder Foundation is a recognised community service organisation.